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2011 TOYOTA Camry
Current Bid: $500.00 USD
2009 NISSAN Altima
Current Bid: $300.00 USD
Current Bid: $725.00 USD
2007 TOYOTA Camry
Current Bid: $500.00 USD
Current Bid: $500.00 USD
2007 SCION tC
Current Bid: $400.00 USD
Current Bid: $300.00 USD


Please be sure to read the complete FAQ’s and registration information before bidding.

Aspite Auto Auction is family owned and operated.  We have been in the automotive and auction industries for over 55 years! We provide a personal customer service that you can not get from other “big” auction houses. We thank you for visiting our new and improved website and wish you the best of luck bidding.

1. ONLINE-ONLY AUCTION IS JUST THAT, YOU MUST BID ONLINE.  If you are not a registered Dealer with Aspite, you will be required to place a deposit of $200.00 with a credit card prior to adding an online bid.  A hold of $200.00 will be placed on your credit card while bidding is open. Your card will not be charged UNLESS you are the awarded the vehicle.  The hold may take 24-48 hrs to be removed from your card after bidding has ended.

2. FOR ONLINE AND PRE-BIDDING: The highest bidder will be notified as soon as the online auction has ended.  This does not indicate that you have won the vehicle.  You will receive a follow up email indicating that you are in fact “the winner” or that the reserve has not been met. At this time you will have the opportunity to negotiate.

3. RESERVE: Most vehicles for sale at auction will have a reserve amount set by the seller.
The high bidder will receive an email that they are the highest bidder and the reserve has not been met. They will have the opportunity to accept the reserve amount or contact Aspite with a counter offer.

4. How does Aspite Auction Pre-Bidding work?
First, place your online bid before the specified deadline. The customer with the highest ACTIVE bid is notified shortly after the deadline of being the highest. Next our representative, on customer`s behalf, will present your bid to the Live Auction. If you win the vehicle at the live auction, you will receive and email listing you as the winner and your credit card will be charged the deposit.

5. When preliminary bidding has ended. Is my bid the highest?
If a customer has the highest ACTIVE bid at the end of the online auction, we automatically notify them via e-mail and update the account on www.aautoauction.com. This does not mean the reserve has been met, only that you are the highest bidder. You will be notified after the Live Auction if your bid is still the highest and if the reserve has been met.

6. Why did I receive notice after bidding ended that my bid is no longer the highest?
Even though a customer may hold the highest bid on our site, the Live Auction may have received and accepted a higher bid from another authorized party. Our representative will only bid up to the online customer`s maximum “PROXY” bid amount. We encourage our online bidders to utilize the “proxy” system and submit the ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM bid they are willing to pay for the vehicle.

7. When will I be notified of the results from the Live Auction?
If the reserve has been met, customers with highest active online bid are notified of the results from the subsequent Live Auction by e-mail. Additionally the results are posted under customer`s ‘My Account’ section if customer is the winning bidder. The results are published by 5 PM US EST the day of auction.

8. Is there a charge to register?
Registration is FREE and easy!

9. Can I view the inventory in person before bidding?
YES! All vehicles are available for preview the day before the online auction and the morning of a live sale.

10. Do you have “Buy Now” vehicles?
YES! If you wish to view a vehicle listed as a “buy now” please contact customer service for viewing.

11. Can we sell your car for you?
Yes! We can sell your vehicle at auction.  Please contact customer service for info.

If you are a Charitable organization, insurance co, municipality, etc, please contact us about designing an auction system that best fits your needs.

Thank you for your patronage

The Aspite Family