About Aspite Auction

Fully Licensed and Insured Auction House, Auction Company and Auctioneers.


ASPITE AUTO AUCTION is Philadelphia’s oldest and most respected auto/heavy equipment auction. A family owned and operated business with three generations of experience and industry knowledge, founded by Jerry Aspite Sr in 1960. We are experts in the disposal of heavy equipment, insurance total loss, repossessed, and donated vehicles.

Being a family owned operation not a corporate run business, we thoroughly inspect each vehicle, whether repossessed, damaged, donated or seized and give it an honest evaluation. We earn our customers and suppliers trust everyday with fast, fair and friendly service.

Our clients include: insurance companies, banks, school districts, municipalities, private fleets and dealerships.

ASPITE AUTO AUCTION offers both live and internet bidding ensuring the highest possible return on your vehicle. We can come to your location or we can auction your items at our 10 acre auction/storage facility. Contact Jerry Aspite Jr or Antonio Aspite at mail@aspiteauction.com or (215)335-4884 for a fee evaluation.

We continue to build our reputation with every vehicle sold.



Aspite Auto Auction is family owned and operated. We have been in the automotive and auction industries for over 55 years! We provide personal customer service for Buyers and Sellers. We thank you for visiting our new and improved website and wish you the best of luck bidding.

Please read the following bidding information & FAQ's.

Our Auctions are now "online only".  Which means all bids must be placed online. You must be a registered bidder with a good standing account in order to place a bid. ALL non-dealers are required to place a $50 deposit on each and every item you wish to bid on. This is a one time "Hold" placed on your credit card for the duration of the bidding process.  

All Registered Dealers do not have to post a deposit. Your credit card will not be charged unless you are awarded the item/vehicle "winning" bidder.  If you are not the "winning" bidder, the $200 hold is removed from your credit card. It may take 24-48 hours for the hold to be placed back on your card.

When bidding is open: All bidders will be notified by email/text or both (your choice), that they are the high bidder or have been "outbid". If you place a bid and are immediately outbid, this indicates another bidder has placed a proxy bid. We encourage proxy bidding to keep yourself in the bid.
If a bid is placed during the last minute of the auction, four minutes will be added to the auction end time to prevent "bid snipping".
Bids placed with under 30 seconds left may not make it due to credit card verification.


At the conclusion of the auction, the highest bidder will be notified as soon as the online auction has ended.  This does not indicate that you have won the vehicle.  You will receive a follow up email indicating that you are in fact “the winner” or that the reserve has not been met. At this time you will have the opportunity to negotiate.  All email notifications are done strictly as a courtesy. It is your responsibility to check your account for your purchases by logging in to your account and viewing them via MY ACCOUNT -> MY PURCHASES menu.

Most vehicles for sale at auction will have a reserve amount set by the seller.
The high bidder will receive an email that they are the highest bidder and the reserve has not been met. They will have the opportunity to accept the reserve amount, stay at the bid, or counter offer.  The Seller will also have one opportunity to counter your counter offer.

4. Is there a charge to register?
Registration is FREE and easy!

5. Can I view the inventory in person before bidding?
YES! All ASPITE vehicles are available for preview the day before the online auction. PPA vehicles are NOT available for live preview.

6. Do you have “Buy Now” vehicles?
YES! If you wish to view a vehicle listed as a “buy now” please contact customer service for viewing.

7. Can we sell your car for you?
Yes! We can sell your vehicle at auction.  Please contact customer service for info.

If you are a car dealership, insurance company, municipality, etc., please contact us about designing an auction system that best fits your needs.

Please Note: Eligible Bidders
Most vehicles are open to all however, some of our Sellers allow us to sell to Dealers only.  Some vehicles are for Scrap & Dismantlers only.

Thank you for your patronage,
The Aspite Family