Charitable Donations

ASPITE AUTO AUCTION has been servicing Charitable organizations for over 50 years. We have an excellent reputation for affordability, reliability, and personalized service. We are family owned and operated and give the personal attention you and your donors deserve. Our website can serve as a direct link for your donors.

We take pride on our quick response time. We attempt to contact each donor on the same day we receive the pickup request. Most vehicles are picked up within 48 hours from contact with the donor. We have a notary on staff that handles all title work, with all titles transferred properly at the time of sale.

ASPITE AUTO AUCTION CONDUCTS LIVE AND INTERNET BIDDING open to dealers, recyclers and the public which allows optimal return on your donated items. Our storage facility is over 10 acres giving us the capacity to handle all donated vehicles. We can design a program that will allow your charity to accept all vehicles including “junk” vehicles.

Please contact Jerry Senior, Jerry Junior, or Antonio at (215) 335-4884 or and see how Aspite Auto Auction can help design a program for your company.