Frequently Asked Questions


1. What does the bid amount include?
The bid amount on covers the price of the vehicle at the auction. Auction fees, loading fees, documentation fees, transportation costs, etc are not included in the bid amount, and are added on top of it. These additional fees vary from item to item, depending on the price of the vehicle.

2. Can I visit your location and buy a vehicle on the spot?
Vehicles marked as inventory items are available for inspection and purchase at our location. Please call customer service to verify time for inspection.

3. When preliminary bidding has ended. Is my bid the highest?
If a customer has the highest ACTIVE bid at the end of the end of bidding time, we automatically notify him via e-mail and update his account on It is the customer's responsibility to check his e-mail and bid status by selecting the `My Account` menu and then the `My Bids` option.

4. How does Aspite Auction work?
First, place a bid on a vehicle before the specified deadline. The customer with the highest ACTIVE bid is notified shortly after the deadline of being the highest. Next our affiliated dealers, on customer`s behalf, present your bid to the Live Auction. If you win the vehicle at the live auction, you are required to pay within 2 business days.

5. Why did I receive notice after bidding ended that my bid is no longer the highest?
Even though a customer may hold the highest bid on our site, the Live Auction may have received and accepted a higher bid from another authorized party. Our affiliated dealer will only bid up to the customer`s maximum bid amount. That`s why we encourage our customers to submit their ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM bid they are willing to pay for the vehicle.

6. When will I be notified of the results from the Live Auction?
Customers with highest active bid are notified of the results from the subsequent Live Auction by e-mail. Additionally the results are posted under customer`s ‘My Account’ section. The results are published by 5 PM US EST the day of auction.


1. Do you accept credit cards? No! Credit cards are ONLY accepted via the website for deposit when bidding online. 


2. Do you accept Cash?
Yes, all payments can be paid in cash at our auction/storage facility when vehicle is picked up. Please call customer services to make arrangements.

3. Do you accept Checks?
We do accept Cashiers Checks, and Business Checks ONLY from approved buyers (with the letter of guarantee from your bank). We do not accept Personal Checks, Money Orders or Western Union.

4. How do I pay for the car?


The customer must pay the amount due in full no later than 2 business days from sale confirmation notification. Once an offer is accepted, we send a Sale Confirmation Notification via e-mail to the customer and update the customer’s invoice on The customer is responsible for checking his updated invoices (by selecting “My Account”, then “My Transactions/My Documents”) and e-mail. All accounts with payments after the specified due date will be charged a Late Fee of $25 per day per item.

Payment Terms: Amounts Due may be paid by Bank Wire Transfer, (Buyer will be responsible for all bank transfer fees) Cashier`s Check, Business Check (with letter of guarantee from your bank) or Cash only. We do not accept Personal Checks and Western Union. If you reside outside the United States and/or cannot make payment on time, either arrange to prepay the full amount before submitting your offer, or be prepared to acquire daily late fees. which will vary with the vehicle. There are also buyer auction fees. This fee is displayed in the bid submission page of each listing and `Fee Calculator`.

Late payment fee/penalties: If a vehicle is not paid within 2 days from the auction day, it will incur $25/day late fees. If a vehicle is not paid within 7 days, vehicle will be re-listed, your account will be suspended, you will be required to pay a $200reinstatement fee prior to bidding again.

Storage Fee: Aspite will store any item you have purchased up to 4 days beginning from the day the vehicle was purchased (4 business days) at no charge. After that, buyer will incur a $25 per day per item Storage Fee, including weekends. If the vehicle is not picked up within 2 weeks from the auction date the Aspite Auto Auction has the right to consider the vehicle abandoned and to resell it without further reimbursement to the customer, so PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR VEHICLE IS PICKED UP ON TIME.

Additional Fees & Services: If required, loading fees will apply (minimum $40) depending on the type of equipment transporter has. Pickup/Delivery: The customer may pick up any item in person at no penalty. Most customers hire a transportation company/broker to facilitate the transport of their vehicle –. Aspite Auction can supply local transportation call for a quote. Also available on our website for an instant transportation quote is the website

5. I sent in a full payment for the vehicle purchased for me by the licensed dealer, but my invoice with still has an outstanding balance. Why?

There are three possible scenarios: 1. You did not pay on time, and Late Fees ($25/day/item) were added to the purchase price. 2. You did not pick-up the vehicle on time, and Storage Fees ($25/day/item) were added to the purchase price. 3. Part of a payment was applied to an outstanding invoice/deposit. According to the priority rules established by, all payments received can be applied to ANY outstanding invoices/deposits that are under the customer’s account. Usually, outstanding deposits are satisfied first.


1. Does the name on the driver`s license have to match the account information?
Yes, the name displayed on the driver’s license must match your account information!!! Otherwise, per DMV regulations, the title can not be sent to you. NOTE: If the title will be in a company`s name, please provide us a letter (on company letterhead) stating that the customer (i.e. purchaser of the vehicle) is the owner or an authorized employee of that company. Aspite must have a copy of drivers license front and back to issue title.

2. Can I have the title mailed to an address/name different from the address/name on my account?
Yes, but any requests for changes to the address/name have to be done in advance by email or fax. Otherwise the title WILL BE ISSUED IN THE NAME OF THE PERSON ON THE ACCOUNT and it will be mailed to the address on the account. Also, if you want us to mail the title to your shipping company, please request that in advance!

3. When will I receive the title? How will it be mailed to me?
We are unable to provide an estimated time frame for delivery of the title to the customer due to many factors, e.g. submission of title by auctions, volume of title processing, delivery of processed titles, DMV delays, etc.. Please plan any transfer of title and/or shipping of vehicle with these potential delays in mind. All titles are mailed to customers (USA and Canada destinations) via USPS regular mail. Expedient delivery services available at buyers expense.

4. I received a different type of title than the one in the description. I received an equivalent title from a different state. Why?
Per the Purchase Order Agreement, does not guarantee title types. That being said, the customer may receive an equivalent title type to the one displayed in the online item description. Differences between title Types and Designations are minor, for example “Arizona Salvage Certificate” is displayed in the online description, but the customer receives “Nevada Salvage Title”. Local/Regional laws and regulations sometimes require our affiliate dealers and/or insurance companies to transfer the title to the state in question. Differences in title Type/Designation bear no change in equivalence.

5. What is `reconstructed title`?
When a vehicle is involved in an accident, and salvaged by the Insurance Company, it has to be reconstructed before being placed back on the road. After the vehicle is repaired, it`s inspected by an authorized mechanic and certified by the DMV as reconstructed to manufacturer specifications. The DMV issues a `reconstructed` title, which is treated the same way as a “clean” title regarding registration and insurance purposes. Please note does not guarantee that all title denominations can be reconstructed in any particular state or country. Please refer any title questions to your local DMV.

6. Will the title for the vehicle I won be reassigned to my personal or company name?
By default all titles are reassigned to the name on the account. If you need the title to be reassigned to your company name/or personal name, please notify our customer service in advance. Corrections to the titles already reassigned are subject to additional $55 Documentation fee but please keep in mind that some corrections may not be done as per DMV regulations, and some may require for the title to be re-issued, in which case additional DMV fees will apply.

7. What is NMVTIS?
NMVTIS is National Motor Vehicle Title Information System implemented by US Department of Justice. The NMVTIS is designed to protect consumers from fraud and unsafe vehicles and to keep stolen vehicles from being resold. NMVTIS is also a tool that assists states and law enforcement in deterring and preventing title fraud and other crimes. All states DMV`s report the data to NMVTIS and check against NMVTIS database every time the title is transferred. DMV`s have the right to deem any title branded according to the records in the NMVTIS database. All Clean title vehicles sold through salvage auctions have a chance of the title becoming salvage when processed by DMV. Please refer to for details.


1. What do I need to pick up the vehicle?
Original paperwork and zero balance on the invoice. Please confirm that has received and approved your paperwork prior to picking up the vehicle! If not, the vehicle will not be released to you or to the shipping company.

2. When can I pick up the vehicle?
Vehicle pick up hours are Monday – Friday 9am -4pm EST. You can arrange for pick-up/shipping as soon as you receive notification from us that the vehicle is ready for pickup. Please do not attempt vehicle pick-up without such notification. Also note, that the vehicle can not be released to you if your paperwork is missing / not approved, or if you have an outstanding balance. Please contact Aspite 24 hours prior to pickup.

3. Can I drive a salvage vehicle home?
No. A salvage vehicle can NOT be driven legally on the roads until it is “reconstructed”. Typically, the vehicle needs to be towed to your designated location. Then the vehicle undergoes the “reconstruction” process as per your state’s guidelines. Finally, once the “reconstruction” process is complete, you can register and insure the vehicle to be driven on the roads.

4. How much does it cost to ship a car? does not ship cars, for local buyers Aspite can recommend transporters and can give buyers estimates for transporting upon request.

We recommend as the leading online vehicle transport matching service offered to both the general public and registered members of select U.S. auction houses. can facilitate domestic and international transport of your vehicle by selecting the optimal carrier at competitive and guaranteed pricing. will match your vehicle transport needs with registered, insured, qualified and rated vehicle carriers. Each listing on site contains a Haulmatch shipping calculator through which you can purchase shipping instantly. Alternately you can go to or call 866.305.5016.

You may also hire a shipper/broker of your choice. Please note: to receive an accurate shipping quote, advise your broker that the vehicle to be transported is INOPERABLE (unless it is explicitly specified on our site that the vehicle “runs and drives”).

International When exporting a vehicle from the US, it is important to understand commercial, shipping and legal documentation and processes. As a convenience, we have provided a link to the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol website, which you can use as a reference - Again, can facilitate the transport of your vehicle from Origin to your country Destination Port, or to US Exit Port (in case you want your Shipping Agent to handle the ocean segment of the transport)

Canada Vehicles cannot be imported directly from the US into Canada. Importing a vehicle from the US to Canada takes place in two general steps – 1) transport from Origin to designated US Border City, 2) transport from US Border City to Canada Final Destination. can help with the first leg of transport.

PRIOR to purchase, please make sure your vehicle can be imported into Canada. will not reimburse you for a purchased vehicle that can not be imported into Canada or any other country. Further information can be found at:


1. Does the vehicle have keys?
Many vehicles from come without keys. Sometimes keys are lost at the auction lot, during moves of the vehicle between and within auction lots, or in transit. Therefore, we do NOT guarantee the availability of keys, even when they are visible in the photographs.

2. How can I obtain a key for the vehicle?
We suggest the following three ways to obtain a key for your vehicle: 1) From VIN. Contact a local authorized dealer (for your vehicle make) and inquire if a key can be made from the VIN 2) From Ignition Code. If the local authorized dealer cannot make a key from the VIN, then ask if a key can be made from the code engraved on the ignition. This would require removal of the ignition in order to view the code. 3) From Ignition. Take your vehicle’s ignition to a locksmith, who will be able to make a key specific to the ignition.

Customer Service

1. What are your working hours?
Our US Customer Service Center is open 9am-5pm US EST (Eastern Standard Time), Monday through Friday, and is closed on weekends and major holidays. Customer Service (215)335-4884.

Vehicle Pick up Hours open Monday-Friday Only 9am - 4pm US EST

2. The English version differs from the translated versions - Spanish, Russian, Polish, German, etc.. Which is correct? The ENGLISH version supersedes all translated text located on our website. We do not guarantee accuracy in the translated (non-English) versions of descriptions, disclosures, etc. Translations have been provided solely for customer convenience.